couldn’t have found a better picture

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I just love your little soldier face. I’d like to punch it.

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So it’s been a few weeks since we’ve updated you on ‘Curl Watch’ but here is the photographic update you’ve been waiting for - captured backstage at one of our shows! 
Yes, as you can see the curls are continuing to defy gravity and reach for the stars, for they cannot be tamed!! 

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Bring Me The Horizon  by Chris Tanouye on Flickr.

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"I still dream about Kurt. Every time I see him in a dream, I’ll be amazed and I get this feeling that everyone else thinks he’s dead. It always feels totally real, probably because I’m a very vivid dreamer. But, in my dreams, Kurt’s usually been hiding - we’ll get together and I’ll end up asking him, ‘God, where have you been?’" - Dave Grohl

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